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Army Chief Of Staff Just Revealed Trump Never Spoke To Him About Trans Ban


Army Chief Of Staff Just Revealed Trump Never Spoke To Him About Trans Ban

It seems Donald Trump’s idea of being president is to make irrational decisions through Twitter without telling anyone about them.

On Thursday Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley revealed that he knew nothing about Trump’s policy to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military until he heard about it on the news.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Natalie Johnson revealed that Milley is yet another military leader who knew nothing about the new policy.

This is increasing proof that Trump did not consult anyone before making the rash decision, even if his Twitter rants say otherwise.

Trump claimed he was making the decision “after consultation with my Generals and military experts.”

“The military is the military who operates off of a set of processes and sets of orders,” Milley told a group at the National Press Club. “To date, walking in here, I have yet to receive implementation guidance, implementation directives from the Department of Defense, Gen. [James] Mattis. We grow up and learn to obey the chain of command and my chain of command is the secretary of the army and the Secretary of Defense. Alright? And the president.”

“Secretary Mattis hasn’t received written directives yet,” Milley continued.

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they don’t plan to enact the policy immediately and neither do they anticipate a change in policy to take place.

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