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Army Looks To Move Vindman And His Family To Military Base After Multiple Threats From Trump Supporters


A new report revealed on Tuesday that the U.S. Army is looking to move impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family onto a military base after receiving death threats from supporters of Donald Trump.

According to The Wall Street Journal, an Army official told them that “the Army will make sure he’s safe, and the Army is actively supporting any safety needs as deemed necessary.”

“It’s hard that he has been catapulted into the public eye,” the official adds. “He served his country honorably for 20 years, and you can imagine this is a tough situation for him and his family.”

During Tuesday’s impeachment hearings, Republicans tried to discredit Vindman by asking him about his loyalty to his country. Vindman took the high road and reminded Republicans that he “served and protected” America.

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