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Army Vet Slams ‘Russian Puppet’ McConnell: ‘It’s Time For You To Go, Moscow Mitch’

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has repeatedly expressed his dislike for the nickname Moscow Mitch. But one former Trump supporter and Army veteran, David Weissman, recently told Moscow Mitch that if he doesn’t like the nickname then he should start doing his job.

Weissman expressed his sentiments in an “Open Letter to Moscow Mitch” published by The Times of Israel. He pointed out that the Senate Majority Leader has left important pieces of legislation languishing on his desk, and reminded him that “we are living in troubled times.”

Weissman went on to say:

“You are failing the people that elected you to act as Senator, but instead you act as a Russian puppet. You have also blocked bipartisan bills that would protect elections in our country. This gives Russia more opportunities to interfere in our elections. You are single-handedly putting our Democracy at risk. This is why the people are calling you Moscow Mitch. If you don’t like the nickname, do your job and represent the American people.

He ends by endorsing Moscow Mitch’s opponent for the Senate, Amy McGrath, and says “It’s time for you to go Moscow Mitch.”

Twitter users piled on to remind McConnell of the reasons why he has been given the moniker:

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