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Arrest Warrants Have Just Been Issued For White Nationalist From Charlottesville Rally

According to The New York Times, Christopher Cantwell, a white supremacist who attacked a counter protestor, has been issued an arrest warrant.

Cantwell made an appearance in a Vice News video about the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Since then the Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office has issued four warrants for his arrest.

Cantwell told the Times that he is willing to turn himself over, adding that he is “looking forward to my day in court.”

According to Cantwell, he believes he is innocent of any crime.

“I thought that spraying that guy was the least damaging thing I could do,” he said.

“In my left hand I had a flashlight. My other option, other than the pepper spray, was to break this guy’s teeth. OK? And I didn’t want to do that. I just wanted him to not hurt me.”

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