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As Mueller Ties The Noose On Flynn, Mike Pence Could Be The Next To Fall

Vice President Mike Pence has managed to stay out of the Russia controversy by claiming he didn’t know Michael Flynn’s ties with the Russian government before the disgraced general was forced to resign in February.

But as special counsel Robert Mueller closes in on Flynn and his son, the likelihood that Pence could be dragged into the mud grows by the minute.

Mueller already has enough evidence to bring charges against both Flynns, according to an NBC News report from Sunday. The evidence relates to the senior Flynn’s undisclosed lobbying efforts for a businessman with ties to the Turkish government in 2016, when he was also an adviser on the Trump campaign.

Mueller is also investigating Michal Flynn and his son’s alleged plot to kidnap a Muslim cleric living in the U.S. and hand him over to Turkey in exchange for millions of dollars.

The younger Flynn worked closely with his father during his undisclosed communications with Russia and Turkey. Now Flynn is reportedly concerned that his son could end up getting a harsh punishment and could be inclined to throw Pence and Trump under the bus to protect his son.

This could bolster the obstruction-of-justice case Mueller is building against President Donald Trump, and it could make things complicated for Pence if Flynn reveals that the vice president knew about his Russia dealings.

But there’s more:

Mueller is reportedly reviewing Sally Yates’ testimony before Congress in May, in which she raised questions about Pence’s role in the widening Russia scandal.”

Yates told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she “warned the White House counsel twice” that Mike Flynn, the national security adviser, appeared to have been compromised by Russia and vulnerable to blackmail.

The Trump administration fired Yates on Jan. 30, four days after first alerting the White House about Flynn, who stayed on as national security adviser for another 18 days.

“The story Mike Pence has been telling the American people about Flynn does not add up or make sense,” MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said after yates testimony.

“Vice President Mike Pence, he was the head of the transition when the transition was notified multiple times, including in person twice by Flynn’s lawyers, and in writing by Congress, that Mike Flynn had taken foreign payments,” Maddow said.

“Foreign payments were also the subject of multiple contemporaneous press reports,” she continued. “NBC News reports that the Trump transition had direct knowledge of Mike Flynn’s payments from foreign sources, but nevertheless, Vice President Mike Pence, head of the transition, he proclaims he was perfectly ignorant of that fact until weeks after Mike Flynn was fired.”

She continued:

“Whether or not you care about what the vice president knew about Mike Flynn, whether you care about that subject itself or not, the bigger question is why are they telling this lie about it?” Maddow said. “Why are they lying about this stuff? They are telling stories about Mike Flynn that make no sense given we now know about the facts.”

Maddow said Yates’ testimony, along with multiple news reports over a period of months, suggested Pence and other administration officials should have known about Flynn’s ties to Turkey and Russia despite public statements to the contrary.

“It is not good for the White House that they cannot come up with a story about Mike Flynn that has the benefit of being true,” Maddow said. “That was a problem for them before, it became a much bigger problem for them after (Yate’s hearing). Before the hearing, we knew that he had inexplicably waited 18 days after being warned about Mike Flynn before they fired him. That delay became all the more inexplicable and even a little bit scary.”

Watch Maddow’s segment in the video below via MSNBC:

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