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As Senate Trial Looms, Chief Justice Issues Call To Protect Democracy: We Should Reflect On Our Duty To Judge Without Fear

In a move that is sure to send shockwaves of fear across Trumpland, Chief Justice John Roberts on New Year’s eve issued his annual report urging his fellow federal judges to stand up for democracy focusing on their “duty without fear.”

“In our age, when social media can instantly spread rumor and false information on a grand scale, the public’s need to understand our government, and the protections it provides, is ever more vital,” he wrote.

He added: “We should celebrate our strong and independent judiciary, a key source of national unity and stability.”

He also urged his fellow judges to “reflect on our duty to judge without fear of favor, deciding each matter with humility, integrity and dispatch.”

Roberts then encouraged judges to “do our best to maintain the public’s trust that we are faithfully discharging our solemn obligation to equal justice under the law.”

The annual report did not specifically reference President Donald J. Trump by name, but it was certainly implied given the looming Senate impeachment trial.

You can read the entire document here.

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