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Author Of Trump’s New Book Inadvertently Exposed Trump’s Corruption That Could Land Him In Prison

Donald Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who co-wrote “The Trumponomics” book, may have given Trump a prison sentence by inadvertently showing how the president used his tax breaks to enrich his own business.

According to New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, the book provided a “damning exposé of the corrupt bargain between Donald Trump and the party’s wealthy insiders.”

Along with Kudlow, Trump supporters Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer “fervently propound supply-side economics, a doctrine that holds that economic performance hinges largely on maintaining low tax rates on the rich,” Chait wrote.

In a roundabout way, Trumponomics “inadvertently clarifies how an economist who was declaring the U.S. housing market to be perfectly sound and on its way up in July 2008 secured a job” as the nation’s top economic counselor, Chait continues.

Chait also stated that the book is a “damning exposé of the corrupt bargain between Donald Trump and the party’s wealthy insiders.”

Trump also, the book’s authors wrote, opposed an end to policies allowing interest payments to be tax-deductible due to his own history using such deductions.

“Look, I’ve spent my whole life doing real estate deals,” he reportedly told the book’s authors. “Every one of them was financed by debt. I hate this idea.”

This scene, Chait noted, revealed “Trump killing a reform solely because it would negatively impact his own business” and came “just five pages after they credulously cite Trump promising that the tax cut won’t benefit him personally.”

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