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Baldwin Does It Again, Best SNL Trump Skit So Far… MUST WATCH!

Millions of Americans, including Donald Trump, have sat in front of their TV’s every Saturday night to enjoy the like of Alec Baldwin and his incredibly funny Trump impersonations. Last nights opening SNL skit didn’t fail to bring laughter to millions of homes across America.

Donald Trump gives more than enough content for SNL to cover and it gets funnier by the week.

This week Baldwin acted as Trump in a skit where he offered words of assurance to some assembled “troops” as the country is being attacked by aliens.

His plan for repelling the alien invasion: “We are gonna bring coal back, so much coal, we’re gonna say, where did all that coal come from.”

He adds more of Trump’s stupidity into the skit. You can see the whole opening skit below:

Although these skits are hilarious, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they don’t exaggerate the things Trump says. It’s a terrifying thought but the commander in chief is not right in the head. God help us all.

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