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Baltimore Newspaper Just Scorched Trump After Using Rally To Make Fun Of The City’s Homicide Rate

Baltimore Sun calls out Trump,

The editorial staff of The Baltimore Sun went after Donald Trump after the president lied at a recent rally earlier this week when he said “the homicide rate in Baltimore” is higher than El Salvador, Honduras and war-ravaged Afghanistan.

At a Thursday campaign rally in Cincinnati, the president claimed that “the homicide rate in Baltimore is significantly higher than El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala.”

“I believe it’s higher than Afghanistan,” he said.

“In our country. Think of that,” he went on to say. “We’ll check the numbers, and if we’re wrong they will tell us tomorrow. It’ll be headlines. I do believe the rate is higher than Afghanistan.”

The newspaper’s editorial team released a scathing piece on Friday, noting that the crowd “laughed when their leader joked how fact-checkers might contradict him Friday.”

“Like Mr. Trump, they appeared wholly indifferent to people dying in Baltimore,” the newspaper continued.

“We have seen much in our day. Crime, poverty, drug abuse, racial discrimination, human trafficking, hate crimes,” the editorial stated. “We have witnessed soldiers marched off to wars, some justified, others not. We have reported on horrible car accidents, serial killings, political corruption, disease outbreaks, air crashes, natural disasters, tragedy heaped on tragedy.”

“But we can’t recall a president of the United States making light of the violent deaths of his fellow Americans,” the editors continued. “And to make it clear how meaningless those lives are to him, he then, in a breathtaking leap of logic, connected it all to his favorite topic, illegal immigration.”

Later in the opinion piece, the editorial staff acknowledged that the city’s homicide rate is “high” compared to that of other communities. But it went on to point out that “so is the rate in the rest of this country compared to other industrialized nations.”

“As a United Nations study has pointed out, the U.S. intentional homicide rate is well above all of Europe and all of Asia,” the editors wrote. “A normal president, a person with the ability to understand the suffering of his fellow humans, would not mock victims or communities he’s supposed to be leading.”

The entire piece can be read HERE.

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