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Baltimore PD Switched Out Whistleblower Cop’s Partner Before He Was Murdered: Report

Last week, Baltimore police Detective Sean Suiter was shot and killed while on duty. While there have been no leads on any suspects, new details about the case have sparked an avalanche of questions, sending the Baltimore Police Department into scrambling mode to manage the media frenzy surrounding the mysterious incident.

On Friday, it was revealed that Suiter was set to testify against other police officers in a massive corruption case the day after he was shot. Now, the Baltimore Sun has reported that the Baltimore Suiter’s partner was switched out the day he was murdered with his own gun.

This revelation cast suspicion on the department itself and pointed to a possible conspiracy and cover-up. As expected, Commissioner Kevin Davis of the Baltimore PD denied the accusations which were circling in the mainstream media after news of Suiter’s status as a whistleblower went public.

However, the most suspicious thing about the press conference with Davis was his description of the officer who was on patrol with Suiter at the time of the shooting.

Commissioner Davis told reporters at a press conference that Suiter was with his partner at the time of the shooting. However, the Baltimore Sun reported that Det. Jonathan Jones was Suiter’s partner in the homicide unit, and that Jones happened to be off from work the day of the shooting. They even did an interview with him about his relationship with Suiter.

According to the local activist group, Baltimore Bloc, the actual officer who was with Suiter at the time of the shooting was Detective David Bomenka, who is seen in photos taken in 2015 standing directly next to Commissioner Davis wearing a flashy white suit instead of a uniform. Baltimore Bloc also found that Bomenka is Facebook friends with one of the officers who is involved in the indictment, and while this could just be because they work at the same department, it is important to consider.

As the publication notes, “Suiter was not with his actual partner when he was shot, and the commissioner should have had this information about this the day it happened, if not by the time it was published in the Baltimore Sun on November 16. If he did not know about it by then, he would have had a whole week to get this information by the time he gave his press conference on November 22.”

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