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Bannon Spills The Beans: Trump’s Inaugural Campaign Spent Millions On Events At Trump Hotel And Pricy Gifts For Big Donors

Steve Bannon

President Donald Trump’s inaugural campaign blew all of its money on a few events at Trump hotel and buying a slew of pricy gifts and finery for guests of events, the New York Times show “The Weekly” revealed on Sunday.

“The Weekly,” which appears Sundays on FX, interviewed former senior advisor Steve Bannon, who said that because the country was coming out of a recession the inaugural committees shouldn’t spend extravagantly. He told The Times that he was clearly ignored. Then he proceeded to reveal some questionable expenses.

One of the things the committee spent an extravagant amount of money on seat cushions for chairs at a candle-lit dinner in the lobby of Union Station, Times reporter Ken Vogel said. At the same event, guests were given Tiffany commemorative crystal bowls for a total of $130,000.

The Trump Hotel also scored $1.6 million for only a few very small events, that Vogel indicated was a hefty sum for what they got out of it.

Host Kasie Hunt noted that there are three federal investigations into the inaugural committee, two state investigations, and two Congressional investigations.


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