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OMG! Barack And Michelle Obama Came Back To NYC And Almost Broke The Internet

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama returned to New York City on Friday. The two were spotted at a restaurant where they were having lunch with Bono, because why the heck not.

The 8-year veteran of the hardest job on Earth stopped by his favorite restaurant and the Internet went on overdrive, praising the beloved couple.

Retirement certainly does seem to suit Michelle.


And not surprisingly, a stress-free life looks damn good on Barack as well.


On Thursday, the former president went to Carbone with Michelle and Malia. Both ladies now live in New York since Malia scored an internship at film studio The Weinstein Company.

Obama left the restaurant on Thursday to cheers and even the desperate cry of “Come back!”

God I miss this kind of class and decency in the White House.

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