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NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Flattens ‘Slave Owner’ Trump For Trying To Force Athletes To Stand During Anthem

Basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took a jab at Donald Trump for forcing NFL players to stand during the national anthem while taking away their right to protest.

The 71-year-old basketball legend wrote on the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday where he compared the “Star-Spangled Banner” to the songs slave owners used to make slaves sing while they were forced to do extreme manual labor.

Abdul-Jabbar compared Trump to those slave owners.

“To the slave owners, singing slaves would drown out their own cruelty and oppression, clothe them in a coerced choir of decency,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote. “But it wasn’t enough that the slaves had to sing, they had to sing their oppressor’s feel-good songs.”

“During a warm-up game on Aug. 10, despite President Trump’s previous condemnation, several Eagles players kneeled during the anthem or raised their fists — their way of singing their own song,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote. “For them, lyrics like ‘land of the free’ don’t accurately represent the daily reality for people of color. They love their country but want that country to recognize the suffering that occurs when it isn’t living up to its constitutional promises.”

Trump then complained about the players that kneeled after the NFL had instated a rule that disallowed kneeling during the anthem and claimed that the players weren’t able to identify a reason for their protest. But Abdul-Jabbar completely disagreed.

“Who would know better how to define their outrage: the privileged darling of white supremacists, the 94 percent-white team owners, the 75 percent-white head coaches or the 70 percent-black players who actually take the field each week?” he wrote.

The entire article can be read HERE.

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