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Ben Ferguson Tries To Defend Trump’s Behavior. Now Watch Ana Navarro’s Response

Appearing on CNN Thursday, conservative commentators Ana Navarro and Ben Ferguson got into a heated exchange when Ferguson tried to defend Donald Trump’s behavior dealing with a number of issues.

CNN Host Alisyn Camerota started things off by asking for their thoughts about Eminem and his very viral slams against the president. Navarro defended the rapper for using his freedom of speech to rebuke Trump. Ferguson interrupted saying that “Eminem was continuing a pattern of political opportunism in order to sell records.” That’s when things got wild.

Ferguson felt that the left is only embracing Eminem’s rough lyrics and subject matter because of his attacks on the president. Navarro countered with “it is equally absurd for people to support a man who talked about grabbing women and get all holy roller when we talk the rapper.”

As the meltdown continued, Camerota tried to rein things in by moving the conversation towards Trump’s most recent comments about Colin Kaepernick and professional footballers who kneel for the national anthem. This eventually led to Ferguson calling Kapernick an attention-seeking “fraud” who disrespects America despite never voting or participating in other kinds of public demonstrations for his beliefs.

Navarro took issue with that, asking Ferguson “who died and made you the judge of blackness to tell Colin Kaepernick whether he voted or not allows him to have a political opinion?” From there, the two started fighting again about whether a person’s political perspective can only be defined by their voting records.

Watch the mess in the video below, via CNN:

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