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Bernie Sanders Just Sent Out A Chilling Warning Concerning Steve Bannon

Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Saturday to include White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in the National Security Council(NSC). This action caused the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence to be downgraded.

In response, Senator Bernie Sanders has sent out a warning about Steve Bannon, asking for him to be removed from the NSC.

On Monday, Sanders tweeted out two tweets:

“Steve Bannon sitting on the National Security Council is dangerous and unprecedented. He must be removed,” said his first tweet.

Followed by, “We need experienced people who will protect our country on the National Security Council, not an extreme right-wing political operative.”


White House spokesman Sean Spicer defended Bannon’s addition to the NSC. But, both Republicans and Democrats had concerns about Trump’s move to place a man who was the head of the conservative website Breitbart News to be part of the NSC. Former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice called the move “stone cold crazy,” while Republican Senator John McCain said the move made him “worried.”

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