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DeVos Is Asking For Millions From Taxpayers. But Not For Education

The controversial Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has been under intense security since February. She was confirmed in early February after Vice President Pence casted the historically tie-breaking vote.

According to The Washington Post, DeVos will be costing the government as much as $7.8 million in security costs till September.

According to the Education Department, the $7.8 million is only an estimate. And although past education secretaries needed security, they were protected by department employees. In DeVos’ case, she needs special security from the Marshals Service.

The extra protection comes after DeVos was blocked from entering a Washington, D.C., public school by protesters back in February.

The Post reported that as a result of that, the Marshals Service s hiring 22 additional employees to guard DeVos.

DeVos is the only Trump cabinet member that is under he protection of the marshals.

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