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Bill Barr Just Obstructed In Order To Stop Dems From Impeaching Trump


Attorney General Bill Barr’s Department of Just filed a 40-page brief with a federal court on Friday and declared the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry if not a legitimate impeachment inquiry.

According to Politico, this is an attempt to block House Democrats from releasing files related to the Mueller investigation.

It’s not usual for a top law enforcement agency like the DOJ to attempt to block Congress from conducting its constitutional duties.

The DOJ is attempting to block the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury files, according to Politico. House Democrats have frequently said they cannot make an impeachment decision without the underlying materials from Mueller’s exhaustive investigation.

But now the DOJ wants to stop them from using Mueller’s findings.

Bill Barr was hired for one reason, and it wasn’t to work for the American people. That man was hired by Donald Trump to protect Donald Trump. It is flat out wrong and should not be tolerated.

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