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Bill Barr’s Plan To Drag Obama Into The Russia Scandal Just Blew Up In His Face

Bill Barr

Shortly after Attorney General Bill Barr brought an end the Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged crimes, he tried to drag former President Barack Obama’s name to the mud by prosecuting an obscure guy named Gregory Craig, who had previously served in the Obama administration.

Of all the numerous people who got caught up in Paul Manafort’s international web of criminal deceit, one of them was Greg Craig. Bill Barr rather obviously had the DOJ target Craig for prosecution, despite the sketchy nature of the criminal case against him, so that Trump and Barr could then claim the Trump-Russia scandal was actually an Obama scandal.

On Wednesday, however, a federal jury found Craig not guilty of making false statements to the Justice Department about work he did for the Ukrainian government.

Jurors acquitted Craig after only about five hours of deliberations following a 2 1/2-week trial, according to NPR.

To date, it’s the only criminal case resulting from the Mueller probe which hasn’t resulted in a conviction and/or guilty plea, which tells you just how weak of a case this was.

Now Bill Barr is stuck with the reality that the one and only person acquitted in the Trump-Russia scandal is the one and only Obama Democrat who had been charged in the Trump-Russia scandal.

If the charges against Greg Craig were supposed to be some kind of 2020 campaign slogan for Donald Trump, it totally backfired.

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