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Cosby Went Berserk In Courtroom, Screaming Obscenities At Prosecutor After Guilty Verdict

Convicted rapist Bill Cosby reportedly “exploded in anger’ and lashed out at his prosecutor, screaming obscenities while his potential incarceration without bail was discussed, minutes after being found guilty of three counts of sexual assault.

Reporting on information from correspondents in the courtroom, Fox News’ anchor Shep Smith reported that Cosby yelled “obscenities” at the district attorney when he said the comedian’s bail should be revoked.

According to Fox, former basketball player and Cosby victim Andrea Constand argued that the comedian’s $3 million bail was a “paltry sum” for the disgraced TV star — a comment that led Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele to ask for the revocation.

When the DA mentioned that Cosby owns a private plane, the comedian stood up in court and yelled at the prosecutor.

As ABC News producer Stephanie Wash noted, Cosby called the DA an “assh*le” in the courtroom during the outburst.

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