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Billionaire GOP Donor Calls Out Republicans: ‘They Don’t Have The F*cking Balls’ To Stand Up To Trump

Florida billionaire Mike Fernandez has donated to the Republican party many times, but he has now revealed his frustration with the cowardice of his party’s federal officials.

“All the Republicans who hide behind the flag and hide the church, they don’t have the f*cking balls to do what it takes,” Fernandez told Politico via telephone.

Fernandez is very anti-Trump. In fact, he spent $3.5 million on ads attacking President Donald Trump, $3 million of which went to Jeb Bush’s campaign.

“I am out of the political process,” he told Politico, explaining that he was leaving the party. “Too disgusted, too expensive, too supportive of ego maniacs whose words have the value of quicksand,” the billionaire said.

“It is demoralizing to me to see adults worshipping a false idol. I can’t continue to write checks for anyone,” he continued. “I know what it’s like to lose a country.”

Fernandez, a doctor and chairs MBF Healthcare Partners, went on to express his hatred towards Trump, saying that had he known what the president would become he would have worked as a doctor to make sure Trump was never born.

The billionaire went on to criticize Rex Tillerson, Trump’s secretary of state.

“This is someone who rose through the ranks of corporate America and probably has more money than Trump does, because [Trump] does not have what he says he has,” he said of the former Exxon CEO.

But Fernandez’s frustration did not stop in Washington, he then went on to attack Florida Governor Rick Scott, for whom he once served as a fundraising chair.

“He is probably the smartest, hardest working man I’ve ever met, but to lead you must have empathy,” Fernandez told Politico. “He is emotionless. There is no passion, no sense of obligation, there is only a a sense of self-advancement.”

Fernandez told Politico that he does not plan on supporting any Republican for the governor’s race in 2018.

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