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Latest Controversy Shows Donald Trump Is Even More Of a Fragile Loser Than We Thought

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published a bizarre story that reveals how fragile Donald Trump’s ego really is. It turns out the Trump White House had to hide the USS John McCain naval ship from Donald Trump while he was in Asia – for fear it would mess with Trump’s head. Trump’s handlers hung a tarp over the ship’s name, and gave the ship’s sailors the day off because their uniforms had the “McCain” name visible.

Citing two Navy officials, the Journal reports that the White House Military Office and lower-level US Navy officials exchanged emails about moving the Navy warship the USS John McCain ahead of Trump’s recent Japan visit.

The White House made it clear that Donald Trump was not to catch sight of a warship named after his Republican nemesis, the late Arizona senator John McCain, during his visit to a naval base in Japan this week, according to media reports.

The email asked officials to “please confirm” that directive “will be satisfied”.

The initial email also detailed plans for Trump’s arrival at the base, south of Tokyo, including instructions for the landing areas for helicopters, and preparations for the USS Wasp, where the president addressed US sailors.

The Journal published a photograph showing that tarp was placed over the McCain’s name before Trump’s arrival in Japan last Saturday, adding that sailors were instructed to remove any items from the ship that included McCains name.

This whole thing is extraordinarily offensive. Whatever you think of John McCain as a politician, the fact is that he’s a war hero who spent years in a physically abusive prisoner of war camp, while Trump was busy faking bone spurs in order to dodge the draft. The notion that Trump can’t even look at McCain’s name without freaking out – let alone on a ship that was originally named for McCain’s father and grandfather, not for McCain himself – is just unpatriotic.

Further, this incident is a microcosm for every argument as to why Donald Trump should be removed from office. If he is indeed as emotionally fragile as his own handlers clearly think he is, then this incident alone is grounds for impeachment, the 25th Amendment, and some kind of professional psychological counseling.

Donald Trump’s jealous resentment toward the late Senator John McCain has long been the stuff of infamy. McCain had no love for Trump either, going so far as to invite President Obama and President George W. Bush to his funeral, while making clear he didn’t want Trump there.

In response to the controversy, Trump tweeted “I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan.”

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