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Black Middle Schoolers Fear For Their Lives After Receiving Death Threats From Trump Supporter


Black Middle Schoolers Fear For Their Lives After Receiving Death Threats From Trump Supporter

Police are investigating a suspicious email sent to black students at a Ypsilanti, Michigan middle school at the end of last month. The email was a slur-laden email from a classmate that threatened violence and referenced President Donald Trump.

According to Detroit news network WXYZ, Washtenaw International Middle Academy began interviewing students suspected of sending the January 29 email after public outcry from the victims’ parents.

“They did inform us that the email did come from the school, around 3:30 p.m. on Monday, January 29,” one of the parents told WXYZ. “The student whose name is in the email has been back into the school community.”

The email was hate-filled and racist. According to MLive, the email was sent out to six students, but only two of them actually opened it. It read:

“U need ta [sic] get your n**ger loving as* out of here and all this black lives matter bullsh*t.” The sender went on using the slur multiple times when writing that African Americans should “leave this country.”

“One day your kids will get what they deserve being on this land,” the email continued. “White lives matter….go Trump!!!!”

WXYZ interviewed both students that opened the email as they stated that they were scared for their lives.

“I was really scared for the rest of that day,” Washtenaw 7th grader Kasim told WXYZ, “because the possibilities of something happening right then and there.”

Both students that opened the email have not returned to school since and are waiting for police to find out who sent out the email.

Take a look at the news segment in the video clip below:

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