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Black Woman Calls Police For Help After White Man Pulls Gun On Her, Gets Violently Arrested

A black woman Called Miami-Dade Police for help after a white man brandished a gun and threatened her life. Yet, when police arrived, she was violently arrested for being distraught.

During the arrest, officers violently forced the woman to the ground. After video of the incident surfaced on social media, one of the officers was relieved of duty and an investigation is underway.

“I am aware of the concerning video circulating on social media involving our department,” Juan Perez, director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, said in a statement on Twitter. “I find the actions depicted on the video deeply troubling and in no way reflective of our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.”

Perez added in a separate tweet that the department became aware of the incident earlier this month and that it launched an immediate inquiry afterward.

“This resulted in the involved officer being relieved of duty and of his role as a field training officer,” Perez said.

Video surfaced on social media Wednesday night showing a group of Miami police officers forcefully taking the black woman to the ground.

One of the officers appears to tell Loving that she needs to be “corrected,” prompting Loving to ask, “Why do I have to be corrected when my life was just threatened and my daughter’s?”

An officer responds in the video by lunging at Loving and pushing her against a chained fence. He then begins handcuffing Loving before appearing to place her in a chokehold and wrestling her to the pavement.

Loving repeatedly shouts, “do not touch me,” to the officers.

“I wanted to call my kids,” Loving tells the officers. “My phone is dead.”

The woman recording the video, which has been viewed about 282,000 times, can be heard asking why the officers are arresting Loving.

The 26-year-old woman was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence, according to Local 10, a local Miami news affiliate.

Local 10 reported that police arrived on the scene after Loving and another woman got involved in a dispute with a neighbor who called the second woman a “whore.”

Loving’s companion told police that the neighbor retrieved a shotgun and threatened to shoot the women.

A supplemental incident report said that Loving was “acting belligerent and would not obey commands,” Local 10 reported. The report names A.I. Giraldo as the officer who forced her to the ground.

Loving told the news outlet that she called the police and expected them to get the neighbor’s “gun, arrest him, you know, for threatening us.”

“It completely went the opposite way,” Loving said.

Watch the video below:

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