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Book Writer Reveals Trump Uses Special Technique To Hide Double Chin In Pictures

It could be said that Donald Trump has a very low self-esteem and that’s why he’s quick to attack anyone that makes him look bad. One thing that Trump hates the most is showing his double chin in photographs. A new book reveals that Trump will do anything to avoid showing his double chin in pictures.

Author Kenneth Walsh writes in his new book, Ultimate Insiders, White House Photographers and How They Shape History, that Trump choreographs “his appearances as much as possible to minimize photos of him from the front at a low angle or from the sides because he thought his double chin became too obvious.”

According to the book, Trump’s “techniques” leaves him often looking “too pugnacious” and not very friendly.

Walsh concludes his book by saying that at the end of the day Trump is very wary of “what he called the ‘fake’ mainstream news media, including the photojournalists” who try to take photos of his very real double chin.

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