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‘Boom, Right Under The Toilet!’: Morning Joe Airs Festive Video Of Trump ‘Binging’ a Christmas Song

Morning Joe on Wednesday aired a festive video of President Donald Trump featuring his weird “binging” habit during the 2016 campaign trail to make a Christmas song.

The hilarious clip features a montage of Trump “binging” and “bonging” along to “Carol of the Bells,” before singing “you’re going to get a giant tax cut for Christmas.”

“Boom, right under the toilet!” he concludes.

The video comes as Republicans in the House and Senate passed their tax bill, which arrived on the president’s desk to be signed into law imminently.

The unpopular bill, which cuts taxes for big corporations and wealthy Americans has been pitched to the American people by Trump as a Christmas present… for himself.

The following clip, courtesy of Vice News, offers a handy explanation for the “binging” in the Christmas video (below).

Now, here’s what Morning Joe did with it:

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