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Brace Yourself For A New Wave Of Trump’s Sick Reality Show On BS Network Fox News

Fox News has always lie to old people, but during Donald Trump’s presidency, the right-wing network has shifted their propaganda machine into overdrive with enthusiastic pundits spreading Trump’s lies and misinformation on a daily basis, shamelessly, with no avail. But that’s just a child’s game in comparison to what is coming from bullsh-t mountain.

With the November election approaching fast, Trump knows that he’s in trouble, so he will try to erase his disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic by dumping a daily dose of alternative facts and flat out lies on the American people, using Fox News as his megaphone.

You only need to watch Trump’s unhinged briefings to realize that a catastrophe of biblical proportions won’t stop him from lying to your face. In fact, the pandemic he insists no one could have known about, but everyone actually did, is making him more erratic and even less presidential.

Trump is not only in a precipitous moral decline, but he’s also becoming more dangerous. While the majority of Americans clearly don’t respect the person occupying the White House, but they still respect the office. This is a weakness Trump exploits every day in his briefings, which should carry the warning “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

Yup. The man who has shrunk the office to the size of a pea gets a platform the size of the battleship Capt. Brett Crozier used to command, and he’s using it to save himself, even if everyone else dies.

His interest in pushing the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine alarms some scientists who say that peddling false hope in the midst of a pandemic is dangerous and that the drug’s side effects can be severe. The people at Fox News, however, are taking their cue from Trump and promoting the medication against expert’s advice.

Last week the network’s coverage of the crisis slid back off the rails in spectacular fashion. All three of the shows making up the network’s top-rated primetime lineup — Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham — featured segments about the coronavirus that ran with misinformation Trump has embraced, from advocating that people start thinking about heading back to work even if it could leave more people dead to promoting unproven and potentially dangerous drugs as coronavirus cures.

Trump and his high-profile backers are struggling to come to grips with the reality that there are no shortcuts back to normalcy. And now shows watched by millions could put a lot of people’s health and lives in danger.


The absurdity of Fox News’s primetime programming has demonstrated how the network continues to peddle the Trump’s wave of misinformation and flat-out lies, even if its hosts are no longer dismissing it as the “coronavirus impeachment scam” and framing criticism of the federal response as just another attempt to take down the president.

People who tuned in on las week may have been convinced that exchanging humans lives for better GDP and jobs numbers is a reasonable trade-off in order to save Trump.

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