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Bummer: Texas Sheriff Calls Immigrants a ‘Bunch Of Drunks’, Then His Son Is Arrested For Public Intoxication

Just a day after a Texas sheriff faced backlash for referring to undocumented immigrants as “drunks,” his son was arrested on charges of public intoxication and indecent exposure, The Dallas Morning News report.

Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, a fierce defender of President Donald Trump’s racist immigration policies, went to Washington on Thursday to protest a court ruling affecting immigrants charged with driving under the influence.

“These drunks will run over your children, and they will run over my children,” he said, according to the Dallas Morning News.

On Friday, his son Sergei, who has arrests for trespassing and assault, found himself in cuffs again for being drunk in public and exposing himself to onlookers.

In a statement, the sheriff said he was “deeply saddened by Sergei’s choices.”

You can read the entire report here.

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