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Bush’s Chief Of Staff Issues Dire Warning About Trump Having Nuclear Codes


Bush’s Chief Of Staff Issues Dire Warning About Trump Having Nuclear Codes

During the 2016 campaign, President Barack Obama warned that America should not trust Donald Trump with the nuclear codes. “How can you trust him with the nuclear codes?” Obama said of Trump at one October rally. “You can’t do it.”

Sadly, by the time Trump is sworn on Friday, he will have received the classified briefing given to every incoming president that explains how he can launch a nuclear attack. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Obama is not the only one worried about the dangers posed by a mentally unstable Commander in Chief controlling the most powerful nuclear arsenal.

Andrew Card, who served as chief of staff to George W. Bush and was with Bush just before and after his first nuclear briefing in January 2001, just issued a wake-up call for America and the world, warning about giving Donald Trump the nuclear codes.

“It’s a sobering moment. It defines the ultimate obligation that you might have,” Card said, according to Politico.

It is also likely a sobering for millions of the Americans who heard a series of Trump rivals warn last year that the bombastic reality-tv host and business mogul must never gain access to America’s massive nuclear arsenal.

By then, national security officials will have instructed Trump on the chilling steps he would have to take to order a nuclear launch that could, in theory, kill hundreds of millions of people, Politico writes.

At a March 2016 MSNBC town hall, Trump refused to rule out the use of nuclear arms, and cited the Islamic State as a possible target. Sadly, America will give Trump the ability to blow up the planet on Friday.


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As the report states:

“From the moment Donald Trump is inaugurated, he will be trailed everywhere he goes by a military aide carrying a 45-pound black satchel containing the codes, war plans and communication tools needed to start a nuclear war.”

That fact has military experts on high alert.

An October letter signed by 10 former nuclear launch officers, including Blair, warned that the pressures of nuclear command on a president “are staggering and require enormous composure, judgment, restraint and diplomatic skill.”

“Donald Trump does not have these leadership qualities. On the contrary, he has shown himself time and again to be easily baited and quick to lash out, dismissive of expert consultation and ill-informed of even basic military and international affairs — including, most especially, nuclear weapons,” the letter said.

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