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BUSTED: Jared And Ivanka Caught Vacationing During Gov. Shutdown Despite Forbiddance Of Time Off

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are facing backlash for taking a beach vacation during the shutdown of the federal government, despite the fact that the shutdown canceled any time off for federal employees.

Federal employees who are not subject to furlough are required to work during a government shutdown. There is a “no exceptions” rule which required non-furloughed federal employees to cancel their vacations and show up to work on Wednesday.

“Employees who aren’t furloughed during a shutdown can’t take any time off for vacation, illness or religious obligations, according to the government’s Office of Personnel Management rules,” Bloomberg reported. “Effectively, this means that employees who were planning to take time off between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have to cancel their plans.”

As noted by Yahoo News, however, the president’s daughter and her husband, who are employed as advisers to him, appear to have been exempted.

Ivanka was spotted out for a jog with Secret Service protection. Jared was spotted walking around in the Florida sun in flip-flops.

All this at taxpayers’ expense.

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