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CA Attorney General Just Taught The Trump Administration A Few Lessons On Government

On Tuesday a Federal judged barred Trump’s executive order that would financially penalize “sanctuary cities.”

Republican Reince Priebus referred to US District Judge William Orrick’s ruling as “the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals going bananas.”

But California Attorney General Xavier Becerra responded to Priebus’ statement.

Berea spoke with CNN on Tuesday night and said that it’s “another case of the administration in denial,” referring to Preibus’s response to the judge’s ruling. “You just have to read the Constitution. It’s very simple.”

“The Trump administration can say all it wants, but we’re beginning to see all those words of Donald Trump the candidate unravel as he tries to exercise his power as Donald Trump the president,” Becerra said.

Trump wants to crack down on undocumented immigrants and he wants to tear families apart. He can’t expect to get away with it through executive orders.

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