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Cali Gov. Jerry Brown Destroys Trump In Final State Of State Address

California Governor Jerry Brown has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics and on Thursday when he delivered his 16th and final State of the State address he did not hold back from bashing the U.S. President.

“Our world, our way of life, our system of governance – all are at immediate and genuine risk,” Brown said in his address, referring to Trump’s environmental policies, the way he has “handled” North Korea’s nuclear program, and other issues.

Brown went on to criticized Trump for being skeptical of science and claiming that climate change is a hoax.

“Despite what is widely believed by some people in Washington, the science of climate change is not in doubt,” Brown said. “All nations agree except one, and that is solely because of one man, our President.”

Brown took over as governor in 2011, when the state suffered a $27 billion budget gap. Since then, the state has fiscal position has improved dramatically.

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