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California Democrats Just Hired Eric Holder As A Legal Barricade To Fight Against Donald Trump

Republicans will be taking over the country come January 20, the next four years will be a battle between Donald Trump and the Democratic party. According to the New York Times, Democratic lawmakers in the California legislature have just hired US Attorney General Eric Holder to represent them in any legal fights against the new Republican White House.

Holder served as attorney general under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2015. He was the first African-American to hold that position. He is a partner at Covington & Burling, a law firm in Washington that specializes in representing states and companies against the federal government.

“Having the former attorney general of the United States brings us a lot of firepower in order to prepare to safeguard the values of the people of California,” Kevin de León, the Democratic leader of the state Senate, told The Times. “This means we are very, very serious.”

Last month, leaders of both houses introduced bills to protect immigrants living in the country illegally from Trumps efforts to enforce mass deportations. In addition, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has made combating climate change a priority for the state.

“I am honored that the Legislature chose Covington to serve as its legal adviser as it considers how to respond to potential changes in federal law that could impact California’s residents and policy priorities,” Holder said in a statement, according to The Times.

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