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Calls For Trump Impeachment Surge As ‘Most Serious Scandal In U.S. History’ Unfolds

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Calls For Trump Impeachment Surge As ‘Most Serious Scandal In U.S. History’ Unfolds

Following James Comey’s damning testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee and the recent revelations that President Donald Trump pressed several U.S. Intelligence officials to publicly absolve him from any collusion with the Russian government, calls for Trump to face impeachment proceedings have surged.

Just in the past week, two of the leading Trump resistance groups have called for the first time for the impeachment process to start against Trump on charges of obstruction of Justice, according to Newsweek.

Former FBI Director Comey told Congress that the reasons given for firing him by the White House were “lies, plain and simple,” suggesting an attempt at obstruction of justice, a federal crime and an impeachable offense that Comey said he was “sure” special counsel Robert Mueller would be investigating.

Allan Lichtman, a professor of history at American University who predicted Trump’s victory last November and author of a book on Trump titled The Case for Impeachment, believes the case against Trump is already stronger than that faced by Clinton, noting that Trump’s attempt to stop the investigation is of much greater significance to the country.

“This is infinitely more serious than the Clinton case,” the political historian said. “Clinton was trying to cover up a private consensual affair, Trump is dealing with a threat to our democracy and our national security,” Lichtman added.

Last week, also called for efforts to impeach Trump in the House of Representatives to get underway.

“In the United States, no one is above the law,” read a statement from Anna Galland, executive director of Civic Action. “The testimony that former FBI Director James Comey is expected to deliver today makes clear that Congress must begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

Democratic lawmakers agree. On Tuesday, Rep. Brad Sherman joined Rep. Al Green in announcing that they were drafting articles of impeachment.

And just yesterday, Rep. Ted Lieu jumped aboard the cries to end the president’s term early, tweeting: “No one is above the law.”

Another group that has led the resistance against Trump’s policies, Indivisible, joined the chorus.

“James Comey’s testimony confirms that Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice,” read its statement. “That is an impeachable offense. Impeachment takes time but we need to start the process now. It’s time to call for impeachment hearings.”

And it gets worse: a newly released poll shows that over half of registered voters support Trump being impeached.

Trump also scored low marks in the poll for his ongoing feud with fired FBI Director James Comey. Forty-five percent of voters said they trusted Comey more to tell the truth, while 23 percent said they trusted the president more, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found.

The news is particularly bad for Republicans who could face political annihilation in the November 6 midterm elections.

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