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Ex-Carrier Employee Calls Out Trump: He ‘Blew Smoke Up Our Asses’ With A ‘Sh*t-Eating Grin’ On His Face


Ex-Carrier Employee Calls Out Trump: He ‘Blew Smoke Up Our Asses’ With A ‘Sh*t-Eating Grin’ On His Face

Donald Trump promised to save hundreds of jobs at the Carrier plant late last year before taking over office. Unfortunately, leave it to Trump to not keep true to his word.

The company this week laid off 300 employees in what is expected to be just the first round of layoffs.

Brenda Darlene Battle, a 55-year-old Indianapolis native, spoke with the New Yorker, just days after she agreed to take a buyout from the company. She worked at the Carrier Corporation for the past 25 years.

“It used to be a fun place to work; I didn’t mind going,” she explained. “Then they started making changes that only benefit them: robots, cutting jobs. Just yesterday, they were talking about cutting a three-man blower-shelf crew—they deal with the forms that hold the blower on one side and the heating element on the other—down to two. But two people can’t do that job.”

She went on to talk about Trump’s visit to the plant last December, saying that it was all a setup to make Trump look good.

“I think the C.E.O. of Carrier and Trump was in bed together the whole time,” she said. “That day Trump came to Carrier, those two were too chummy. The way they sniggled and giggled. That sneaky kind of sh*t-eating grin.”

Battle says she will be spending time with her 77-year-old father.

“He thinks Trump blew smoke up our asses, too,” she said of her father.

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