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Caught On Video: GOP Lawmaker Goes Berserk, Curses Constituent For Asking Question

A disturbing video has emerged online showing a Republican state senator from Idaho yelling at a constituent, whom he decried as a “liberal nut-tard,” telling him to “go to hell.”

State Sen. Dan Foreman was attending the Latah County Fair when he was confronted by a constituent who criticized the way that he did his job.

As reported by Wonkette, Foreman reacted angrily to the man’s criticisms and yelled at him for questioning his work.

“This guy says I’m not doing my job, and he’s lecturing me on the Constitution,” Foreman says, in body camera footage that came from an officer at the Latah County Sheriff’s Department.

The officer then advises Foreman to move on. He agrees to do so, but not before calling the constituent a “liberal nut-tard” and telling him to “go to hell, you son of a b*tch.”

The video, posted by Wonkette, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that Idaho

When interviewed by the Moscow-Pullman Daily News about the incident, Foreman was not apologetic for yelling profanity at a constituent. Instead, he attacked the man for being “unnecessarily rude,” and complained that the fair treated Republican lawmakers as a whole very poorly.

“I would like to know why the Republicans get treated differently than the Democrats by the county fair,” he said. “I want a personal apology for how we were treated.”

Watch the video below:

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