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CBO Report Just Revealed That Trumpcare is Worse Than We Thought

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office(CBO) just released their report of the Senate Republicans’ health insurance plan. The numbers show that 22 million Americans will lose their healthcare coverage over the next decade.

Just last month, when House Republicans passed their version of the bill, CBO reported that 23 million Americans would lose coverage by 2026.

To continue the comparison, CBO found that 49 million Americas would be uninsured by 2026 under the Senate bill. That compares with its estimate of 51 million under the House bill and 28 million under current law.

So what do Republicans really want to do by having millions lose their healthcare coverage? They are hiding the fact that they want to be able to have tux cuts for the wealth, and to do that they have to gut health insurance from millions of working Americans.

Trumpcare is just a death note to the American public and Republicans know it.

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