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Chaos Outbreaks At The NRA And Republicans Will Pay The Price In 2020 For It

Chaos Outbreaks At The NRA And Republicans Will Pay The Price In 2020 For It

The National Rifle Association is in shambles and it could cost Republicans and Donald Trump their election chances in 2020.

According to Politico, the NRA’s longtime director of public affairs, Jennifer Baker, decided to step down from her post on Wednesday.

The move comes one month after Chris Cox, the NRA’s chief political architect, resigned.

“Baker’s departure, which was confirmed by several people familiar with the matter, could further complicate the group’s ability to play in the 2020 election. She had been playing a key role in mapping out the NRA’s electoral strategy,” Politico reported.

The Republican Party has, for a long time, been relying on the gun lobbyist for campaign funding. The NRA plays a major role in turning out gun owners, and many in the party are worried that the group will be less effective in 2020.

The group also played a major role in getting Trump elected in 2016.

Politico also reported that “the organization has found itself in intense chaos in recent months, confronting embarrassing tales of self-dealing at its highest levels of leadership, a failed coup attempt and an investigation by the New York Attorney General into its tax-exempt status.”

Baker, who has worked at the pro-gun group for the last six years, was a part of Cox’s inner circle and was among those who helped to orchestrate the NRA’s 2016 offensive backing Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

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