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China Grants Ivanka Trump 5 More Trademarks Ahead Of Trade Negotiations

China has granted Ivanka Trump’s company preliminary approval for another five trademarks this month, as her father’s administration pushes ahead on trade negotiations with China, Time Magazine reported Monday.

The Chinese government on Sunday awarded four trademarks, including child care centers, sunglasses and wedding dresses. A fifth, covering brokerage, charitable fundraising and art valuation services, was approved in January, according to online trademark office records.

Ivanka Trump’s expanding intellectual property holdings have long raised ethical concerns, particularly in China, where the courts and bureaucracy tend to reflect the will of the ruling Communist Party.

Critics argue that by asking a foreign government for valuable intellectual property rights, White House officials could open themselves to pressure in government negotiations. There is also concern that the family’s global trademark portfolio would open the way for lucrative business opportunities once Donald Trump leaves office.

The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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