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Chris Christie Came Up With This Ridiculous Excuse For Trump’s ‘Fine People On Both Sides’ Comment

On Monday Republican Governor Chris Christie decided to defend Donald Trump’s statement about some neo-nazis being “fine people.”

The New Jersey governor said that Trump’s remarks weren’t racist but a “mistake.”

Christie told reporters at the American Dream mega-mall on Monday morning, “I know that the President is not a racist. But it does not excuse the statement. There aren’t good people on the neo Nazi side. There is no moral equivalence between those who oppose racism and those who practice it….In my view, the president’s comments about ‘both sides’ were a mistake.”

Christie went on to defend Trump by blaming the chaos in the White House on his inexperience.

“I think he’s up to the job,” said Christie. “That doesn’t meant hat he can’t get better and learn on the job. It’s a pretty tough place to start your elected career. And I think the president’s learning that…I have not lost faith in the president’s ability to lead, but he’s gotta learn.”

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