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WATCH: Chris Hayes Shocked After GOP Lawmaker Backs Trump And Calls Haiti ‘Disgusting’

On Tuesday, Republican lawmaker Matt Gaetz left MSNBC’s Chris Hayes stunned after he decided to characterize Haiti with terms that don’t fall too far from Donald Trump’s “sh*thole” country comment.

Hayes questioned the congressman about Trump’s choice of words.

“I would not pick those terms,” Gaetz replied, “but I would say the conditions in Haiti are deplorable, they are disgusting. I mean it’s everywhere you look in Haiti, it’s sheet metal and garbage when I was there.”

Hayes appeared to be shocked by Gaetz answer.

“I think you should think, maybe, I would suggest, why people would find that kind of characterization of the place where people live and have pride and love of the place they’re from as derogatory,” Hayes said.

Take a look at the video clip below:

Twitter users were also taken back by the comments made and decided to attack the Republican Congressman.

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