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Chris Wallace Humiliates Mike Pompeo By Simply Playing a Clip Of Trump To Fact Check Him

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo snapped at Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday after Wallace caught him in a lie and used Trump’s own words to fact-check him.

During the interview, Pompeo was asked by Wallace to explain President Donald Trump’s comment about his willingness to accept foreign dirt on a political enemy.

Wallace denied that Trump made such comment. That’s when Wallace crushed Pompeo.

After playing a clip of Trump’s remark from his ABC News interview, Wallace asked Pompeo again, “Is accepting oppo research from a foreign government right or wrong?”

“Chris, you asked me not to call any of your questions today ridiculous,” Pompeo responded. “You came really close right there.”

The secretary of state then insisted that Trump “has been very clear that he will always make sure that he gets it right for the American people.”

“And I’m confident he’ll do that here as well,” Pompeo added.

“The country, sir, and I don’t have to tell you, has a long history dating back to George Washington in saying that foreign interference in our elections is unacceptable,” Wallace pointed out after playing another clip of Trump’s interview.

“Chris, President Trump believes that too. I have nothing further to add,” Pompeo said. “I came on to talk about foreign policy and I think the third time you’ve asked me about a Washington piece of silliness, chased down the story that is inconsistent with what I’ve seen President Trump do every single day.”

“I will leave it there,” Wallace replied. “I think I only asked you twice, but that’s alright.”

Watch the exchange below via Talking Points Memo.

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