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Christian Activist On Fox: Giving ‘Free Food And Health Care’ To Children ‘Is Dangerous’ Because ‘That’s Communism’

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, right-wing evangelical activist Rebecca Friedrichs said that public schools should not give children “free healthcare,” “free food,” and “free emotional support” because “that’s communism.”

In a despicable display of callous cruelty, Friedrichs, a former teacher who makes a living smearing public schools and teacher’s unions, complained about public school’s feeding and caring for children.

Slamming the supposed evils of teachers, Friedrichs argued that public schools should not give children “free healthcare,” “free food,” and “free emotional support,” because that’s communism.”

“We should look to the past. So, let’s just take the free lunch program that we have in our schools. It started out being pushed by the unions and their friends for poor children. Well, 28 years ago, I had two students in my class on free lunch. Today almost every single child is on free breakfast and free lunch. So what the unions are trying to do, they’re pushing something called community schools,” she said.

“And in these community schools, we’re giving children free health care, we’re giving them free food, free emotional support, and by the way free political indoctrination for their parents. And so, if these unions and their friends, their politicians, get their way, they would like our schools to be open 24/7. They want to replace the family and families raising their children with our own virtues, they want to replace that with the state. With union-controlled government-run schools. That’s dangerous. That’s communism when you think about it,” the sick and twisted woman said.

In addition to trying to prevent children from eating, and receiving health care, Friedrichs is also a “pro-life” conservative Christian activist. The irony of anyone claiming to be “pro-life” while arguing that children should not receive free food, free healthcare, and free emotional support, is staggering, but not surprising, given the cruel and despicable morality of conservative Christians.

Watch the interview below, via Fox News:

What a monster.

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