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Christian Preacher: Buttigieg Should Be In Prison For Advising A Young Pre-Teen On How To Come Out As Gay

Right-wing Christian talk show host Dave Daubenmire snapped at Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg during his radio show and called on him to be put in prison “for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Daubenmire was ranting about an even in Colorado a few days ago where a youngster asked Buttigieg to “help me tell the world I’m gay, too.” That seemed to strike a nerve on the homophobic Daubenmire’s head.

Daubenmire is so disturbed by this in fact, that he flew into a vitriolic rage on his Pass The Salt program earlier today.

“Fifty years ago they would have thrown [Buttigieg] in jail for even bringing it up and talking about it in front of a young kid,” Daubenmire yelled. “Whatever happened to shame? Why didn’t his mommy put him into a headlock and drag him off the court? Where’s his daddy?”

A guest on the show suggested audience members should have demanded that the sheriff pull Buttigieg from the stage because he was “violating the moral code of our lives.” Another guest surmised that the boy asking the question “was probably molested by either mom or dad or some relative.”

Take a look at his rant below:

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