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Chuck Schumer Has Perfect Response To Trump’s Plea To End Russia Probe

During an interview on CNN Wednesday, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) mocked President Donald Trump’s pleas during his State of the Union address to end investigations into his administration as a precondition for bipartisan cooperation.

Host John Berman read Schumer a quote from Trump’s speech stating that “we can’t have legislation while at the same time having investigations.”

Schumer literally laughed out loud at the president’s quote.

“You know what I think it shows, John?” Schumer said in response. “He’s scared — he’s got something to hide! Because if he had nothing to hide, he’d just shrug his shoulders and let these investigations go forward.”

Earlier in the interview, Schumer also laughed off reports that Trump called him a “nasty son of a b*tch” at a meeting on Tuesday.

“So much for inclusiveness, so much for working together,” he joked. “I criticize the president. That’s part of my job as leader and part of my job as an American… Instead of answering it on the merits, he uses an epithet. That’s like a ten-year-old at a schoolyard!”

Watch the video below, via CNN.

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