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Chuck Schumer Just Ripped Trump For Embarrassing America During Putin Meeting


Chuck Schumer Just Ripped Trump For Embarrassing America During Putin Meeting

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called out Donald Trump on Saturday for his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he embarrassed America.

Schumer said in a statement:

“While a few good things came out of this summit, overall it was an embarrassment to our country and our ideals. Clearly the lowest moment of all was his meeting with Vladimir Putin, on several counts.

“As our Intelligence Community has unanimously concluded – and as the American people agree – the President of Russia clearly and deliberately interfered in our elections and sought to undermine and destabilize our democracy. Rather than decisively confronting the Russian President head on, the President seemed to acquiesce to Putin’s denial, almost certainly paving the way for future Russian interference in our elections.

“There were other low and embarrassing points as well. President Trump agreeing with Putin to form a so called working group on cyber security is like police officers and bank robbers agreeing to form a working group on bank robberies. And when President Putin and President Trump both laughed at and mocked the free press in unison, President Trump is coming uncomfortably close to accepting the same kind of authoritarian and autocratic norms in our society that Putin relishes in his.

“It’s clear that President Trump is not willing to be the guardian of American interests when it comes to dealing with Putin. The House of Representatives has no choice but to step in and fill that void by passing our tough, bipartisan sanctions bill to finally punish Russia for their intrusion in our 2016 elections.”

Trump did not go to the meeting with Putin on behalf of the American people. He went in there to clear his name from the Russia scandal.

According to Trump’s secretary of state Rex Tillerson, Trump pushed Putin to admit that Russia meddled in the election.

But, another story emerged in Russia that Trump accepted when Putin denied the accusations.

The truth behind this meeting is that it brought out more questions than answers and Trump’s name should still be under investigation for dealing with Russia during the election.

Trump looked like Putin’s stooge, and his performance was a disgrace that showed why his presidency is the biggest internal threat to the nation since the Civil War.

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