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Chuck Schumer Just Trolled Mitch McConnell Using His Own Words Against Him

Donald Trump’s upcoming Cabinet are being put through hours-long mock confirmation hearings this weekend to prepare for the Senate grillings that may decide their fates.

In 2009 Republican Minority Leader at the moment, Mitch McConnell, wrote a letter to top Democrat at the time, Harry Reid, in regards to President Obama’s Cabinet picks.

Sent Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wanted to make a point about Trump’s upcoming Cabinet hearings. He edited the 2009 letter from Mitch McConnell to Harry Reid.

Schumer wrote on Twitter, “Our requests are eminently reasonable, shared by leaders of both parties. I’ll return this letter to [McConnell] with the same requests.”


Schumer only tweaked the letter a little bit. Only changing Reid to McConnell, and switching ‘Republican’ to ‘Democrat,’ and signing his name at the bottom and crossing out McConnell’s name.

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