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Chuck Todd ‘Stunned’ By Trump’s Response To CIA’s Russian Hack Bombshell


Chuck Todd ‘Stunned’ By Trump’s Response To CIA’s Russian Hack Bombshell

Following the recent CIA bombshell report that Russia’s Vladimir Putin assisted the Republican presidential nominee to defeat Hillary Clinton, the Donald Trump’s transition team emailed an official response to the media attacking the CIA with a scary half-truth suggesting that he won’t accept facts from the CIA and ended the statement with an outright lie meant to distract the press.

In the statement, Trump blasted the intelligence agency saying: “These are the same people that said Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” it’s also a half-truth at best, since Bush Administration’s White House Iraq Group led by political advisor Karl Rove and the involvement of Vice President Cheney drove the choice and dissemination of fake intelligence data to push America into the Iraq War.

NBC’s chief political correspondent Chuck Todd was “stunned” by Trump’s response. It’s unprecedented for an American president to release a public statement seeking to discredit the CIA before inauguration day, tarnishing the top spy agency’s reputation with lies while denying or responding directly to the grave implication of a foreign government acting like a Republican Super PAC.


Todd points out how severely Trump’s statement undercuts the standing of anyone who would occupy the crucial agency’s top offices, like Mike Pompeo whom the transition team has designated to run America’s spy agency.


While the CIA was implicated in the Iraq intelligence failure, a congressional assessment pointed to the Bush Administration as the culprit for the Iraq decision. No such failures have happened since the above mentioned Bush Administration officials departed public service.

As always, Trump attacked the messenger but did nothing to dispute the underlying facts of the report. Instead, he tried to spin by telling a whopper sized lie:

“The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history.”

No, Donald. Your projected electoral college lead, if it holds at 306-232, would rank 12th from worst in America’s 58 election history.

As stated by Occupy Democrats: The Republican’s ties to Russia should be disqualifying for any member of the electoral college watching current reports. There’s no surer way to destroy democracy in the USA than installing the candidate who got fewer American votes, but did get the Russian President’s vote.

H/T: Occupy Democrats.

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