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Clinton Brings Forth High Hopes For Dems In 2018 Mid-Term Elections


Clinton Brings Forth High Hopes For Dems In 2018 Mid-Term Elections

Hillary Clinton said during an interview on Wednesday that Democrats have a “realistic” chance at taking back the House in 2018, adding that “everything will change” if the party can take over.

Clinton gave high hopes for the Democratic party and said that winning back the House starts in major governor’s race held in November in Virginia and New Jersey.

“We have to first win elections in Virginia and New Jersey in 2017,” Clinton said during a Wednesday question and answer session at Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

“We’ve got to take the House back and keep our incumbents and maybe make progress in the Senate. Everything will change if we win in 2018.”

House Democrats need to win back 24 seats if they want to regain control of the House, most of those seats will be districts carried by Trump.

Although a it might seem tough, Clinton did point out that she won 23 districts which are currently held by GOP members.

She went on to add that if Democrats focus on those types of districts they will have a higher chance of winning. She specifically mentioned Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who is a top 2018 Democratic target.

“If we can flip those, then go deeper into where I did well, where we can get good candidates, I think flipping the House is certainly realistic.”

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