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Clinton Surges In Battleground States, Widens Electoral Map Early Voting Shows


Clinton Surges In Battleground States, Widens Electoral Map Early Voting Shows

After the final presidential debate Wednesday night, the Electoral Map looks even worst for Donald Trump. A CNN analysis of the latest early voting statistics shows a widening Clinton lead in key battleground states as millions of Americans vote early.

According to detailed early vote return information obtained by CNN, more than 3.3 million Americans have already voted. And among that group, Hillary Clinton’s lead have surged in North Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona compared to this point in 2012. But most surprisingly, Democrats improved their position in conservative and Mormon-heavy Utah, where recent polls have shown a tight race.

In North Carolina, Democratic early turnout has stayed steady compared to 2012, while Republicans have dropped by about 14,500. And Democrats are slightly ahead in Arizona in the early vote so far, though they are lagging Republicans in the tally of how many Arizonans have requested ballots.

The numbers show best news Trump is in Ohio, where only 179,162 people have cast ballots, a 66% drop from this point in 2012. But Democrats have a slight lead in the early balloting, and overall Democratic turnout dropped at a higher rate than it did for Republicans, according to CNN.

The network also reports more likely good news for Clinton in Virginia and Wisconsin, where she’s maintained a steady advantage in the polls. Early voting has picked up in both blue-leaning states compared to this time in 2012.

Watch CNN’s John King explain some major shifts in battleground states, with the electoral map showing a widened Clinton lead.

But Ohio might not even decide the election. As John King explains, Clinton can clinch 270 electoral votes with wins in Colorado and Virginia, without carrying either Iowa or Ohio. She is also favored in Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Hampshire, which combine for 59 electoral votes.


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