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CNN Analyst Goes After Trump And GOP After Bombshell Report On Voter Fraud In NC: Watch

On Tuesday, it was reported that North Carolina is investigating claims that Leslie McCrae Dowless, a GOP operative with past fraud convictions, tampered with absentee ballots on behalf of Republican Mark Harris.

“Multiple voters described an unidentified woman coming to voters’ houses and taking their absentee ballots,” Vox reported. “Some ballots were uncompleted; the woman promised to finish filling them out. In other affidavits, voters alleged that a local political operative was working for the Harris campaign on absentee ballots and that he would be paid a bonus if Harris beat McCready.”

CNN senior political analyst John Avlon called out the Republican after hiring Dowless as “the feature, not the bug” in his election.

“Him being hired was for, apparently, the skill set,” Avlon noted. He went on to note that Harris was paying volunteers to turn over absentee ballots to him back in 2016.

“What you have is absentee ballot fraud,” the analyst said. “After all the president’s fearmongering about voter fraud, a real live case on our hands.”

Avlon then pointed out that, “we haven’t heard boo from the president” about the alleged fraud.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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